Computer-Assisted Decision Making for Navy Forecasters

Weather affects every Navy operation from personnel, aircraft and ship movement to sensor performance and warfighting tactics. Weather prediction spans a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, sometimes immediate or ten days away, either close to a forecaster's home base, or perhaps thousands of miles out.

     With the ever-increasing complexity of Navy operations, so too grows the complexity of forecasting tools and the knowledge required to use them. To do their job, Navy forecasters need comprehensive, time-critical meteorology and oceanography (METOC) forecasts at fine-scale resolutions
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The HS:METOC web site is a compilation of information generated and used by researchers investigating meteorological and oceanographic issues affecting the Navy. HS:METOC projects seek to improve the forecaster's ability to accurately predict and efficiently convey weather to decision makers. Researchers study workflow, quantitative mental models, complex visualization, and intelligent agents.

Office of Naval Research
Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Commander, Naval Meteorological and Oceanography Command
Naval Undersea Warfare Command, Newport
Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington
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